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NTS-Group opens assembly plant in Brno, Czech Republic

The NTS-Group had already expanded its operations last year with new facilities in Singapore and China to meet the wishes and needs of its international clients. Physical proximity of a supplier is often essential; flexibility, speed and costs are key. Plans to establish an assembly plant in the Czech Republic were already there, NTS is continuously researching whether there is added value in opening new companies.

Hendrikse: "Location of activities and cooperative partners are ongoing priorities. For each project, we will look for an optimum combination of activities – who does what and where – resulting in the highest possible profit level. In terms of production and assembly, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible local service through our companies. NTS Mechatronics Brno is a logical and important step in this strategy."

NTS Mechatronics Brno

About NTS: The NTS-Group assumes responsibility for the development, creation and assembly of opto-mechatronic systems and mechanical modules for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) so that these clients can focus on the marketing, sales and servicing of their products. The NTS-Group has deliberately incorporated the manufacturing of critical components into its organization. This makes it possible to maintain optimal control of production feasibility, costs and logistics performance. Professional skill knowledge and know-how complement each other within the group. Thanks to our companies in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Singapore and China, we can also respond flexibly to market demands. This unique concentration of strength on an international level means that our customers can deliver high-quality machines to their market in a shorter turnaround time and at competitive prices.

NTS-Group: partner of choice for opto-mechatronic modules and systems.